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Do not submit pictures in a slide show format.

NG Movies/Games Portal Moderation Team.

ALLEMATION responds:

Its not a slideshow. Its a video. With my audio. Telling a story


Uses copy written score from how to train your dragon.

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Make sure your submission has been properly rated.

This clearly should have been rated Adult not Mature, so I changed it. Next time rate your submission properly or I will unpublish it.

NG Movie/Game Portal Moderation Team

TheGlitch64 responds:

I originally had this as Adult rated but seeing as the "adult parts" were only for a few seconds, I lowered its rating to Mature. I see what you mean though, so I agree completely! :)

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Start game. Don't move. Never die. A bit too easy. Maybe add a fourth layer of birds.

NWFROST responds:

bruh. Cmon i made this in 30 minutes. Read the description.

Something I would've expected to be submitted in 2005 not 2019. Basic, boring & nothing special. Terrible drawing/artwork. Nowhere near enough options. Has the feeling of being made by a 12 year old.

NG Movie/Game Portal Moderation Team.

Seriously! 1 Player Pong. Pong for 2 players is boring enough, you just made it more boring.

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WOW! Dude this is fantastic. There's absolutely nothing about this that I don't like. It shows your hard work has paid off with this track. It's not exactly what I would consider Hip Hop style, it's probably more Trip Hop or even closer to old House style music but regardless, it's still sweet. Hope you can continue to produce good stuff like this. Well done indeed.

JimmyTheCaterpillar responds:

Thank you so much. That's what I plan to do!

This song makes me want to beat Teqneeks' wife, if he had a wife.

But seriously, this is very cool. I would like it a bit more 'bassy' myself, by that I mean a deeper bass, not more bass bits, but this is very nice. It's a good boppy beat and when it finished, (all too soon) I thought to myself, 'hey, that was pretty damn good, write a review, it deserves it'. Really good stuff dlx, do more stuff like this.

DiroNomer responds:

Thanks for the review. But to be honest, I dont like this version that much. I uploaded this song to soundcloud, but with different samples and I feel that sounds much better and more in tune than this one. If you want, I'll pm you the link...


The best of all your loops, this just booms through the sub woofer. Just totally amazing work. Your stuff rocks. I dont speak french but I know this means good. C'est amusant et fantasquie.J'adore le musique et c'est super. Make more, lots more. Cheers, GJ.

Icandraw responds:

i know italian i did understand it :D thanks

Go away! Leave me alone! Stop asking! I like video games, fishing, fucking and Newgrounds. That's "ROGER" in the pic, sadly he passed away 28th Mar 2019. He's greatly missed. I quit smoking weed after 33yrs & cig's after 38yrs. Bad habits can be broken.

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