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Go away! Leave me alone! Stop asking! I like video games, fishing, fucking and Newgrounds. That's "ROGER" in the pic, sadly he passed away 28th Mar 2019. He's greatly missed. I quit smoking weed after 33yrs & cig's after 38yrs. Bad habits can be broken.

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seeing as your australian do you have a massive fucking knife?

LOL. No. I have no need to carry a knife of any size. I do however have black belts in eight, (8) thats right, eight different martial arts. And have been a practising martial artist for about 29 years. My hands and feet are registered with the Australian Federal Police as lethal weapons. Knife who needs one?

Impressive! *cough*showoff*cough*. give me amonth or 2 on Ng and I'll be a billionaire/LV.61/super commander of awesomeness!!/Uber-super-omega whistle!
; )
(in my dreams) who said that? it wasn't me!


hang in there smiley and have a nice day!

:O but your australian YOU NEED BOTH A KNIFE AND SOME BEER

adn im british so i need Tea, crumets, scones and racist remarks

ok i'm not sure what some of those words were, could you explain them. I only speak english sorry.
adn = ?, crumets = ?.
And I may live in Australia but I am English born and bred. And I fucking hate Beer! Now tea and scones, I could go for some right now.

Thank goodness there's another adult here! (I'm 38)

Not just an adult , but a non-homosexual too. Frightening how many there are on NG now. Not that I have anything against homosexuals at all. But the gay community here is surprisingly large, compared to the old days of NG. And I'm glad there is 2 of usnow, (adults that is). LOL. I think I may have seen another one once, but it could have been a mirage, or maybe I was drunk.

If your a mutimillonaire then why dont you take up the hobby of flash animation? Maybe make some flash games or animations?

I would love to, truly I would, but I will be the first to admit, I cannot draw for shit. In fact if there was such a thing as the worlds worst drawing competition, I would regretfully lose by a considerably large margin. :-( Most 2 year old children have better drawing skills than me. I prefer to just give praise to the talented artist of which there are many on NG. I have an idea for a movie though, dont know if its any good to anyone, but I would like to see it done. Where a group of monsters are the humans (normals) in their own little world and where the humans are considered to be the monsters. Nothing much but worth some consideration.

Are you really rich? You just seem like a troll with a little more than usual effort put into the lies and account info.

No, I'm really a hobo that lives in a box, and I type on a cardboard keyboard and have a broken microwave for a screen. Yes, I am rich, sorry if it offends you so. And if I was a troll as you put it I would have a lot more than 250 BBS posts dont you think? And whats wrong with putting a little effort into my posts and account info. Effort is a good thing.

So, how is it on the other side of the globe?

Warm and cozy.

So you lash back like a wounded snake? Now who's being infantile? This is the internet, you're going to meet people you don't like.

1. No, better than a wounded snake could ever hope to lash back.
2.You, Proof is you blocked my PM's and you deleted my post. That's infantile.
3. Until I came across you I would have denied this. But then came you!

Haha, nice anti spammer thing. I leave a review on bad things, because I try to get it into their heads that their animation/game sucked, and actually tell them why and what they could do to make it better. (even though i know most of them purposely wanted it to suck..) But it seems more and more stupid things are finding their way onto the front page.. I'm kind of disappointed really. I used to be able to come on here, and everything on the front page would be there for a reason, because it was amazing, and deserved to be up there. Now we're getting occasional spams up there, and just all around bad flashes. Anyways... I'm going to continue to write reviews.Except I write actual reviews, not two word reviews like most people, who are making spam themselves. :] (sorry I wrote too much, bored and tired :| )

Its cool, your comments are appreciated. My request really goes out to the reviewers that leave nasty or rude comments though, these SPAMMERS love it because their crews can build up their Whistle level by marking it Abusive or Useless and the reviewers review gets deleted anyway often resulting in a ban of sorts. I believe that if you dont give the seagulls the chips they want, they will eventually just fly away.

If you can't draw then practice Sprites. I know people can hate them but better than nothing ^^
SSBZ is a sprite..mostly!
Also great job on helping newgrounds!

Sprites, Ugh, never, I "am" one of those people that hates them. And Cheers, I do what I can to help.

you know what you are totally right, i didn't really make bad reviews on games. but i tryed to say positive things to them like "there's other ways to become history than spam" but they said "yu r so wrng cunt" and that pissed me off. I used to make just positive reviews to spam, now due to your message i know i have made them stronger not weaker. we shall see to the end of these spammers. NEWGROUNDS UNITE!!!!!!

My army of anti-spammers thanks you for your support. Cheers.

My pay pal is manontherun111, i just thought i would pick one user at random to tell that to.....


Random, Are you sure about that? LMAO. Nice one. I like your style.

Hey you seem like a reasonable man will you help ng buy tom a tank? here the topic <a href="http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1042667/2">http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1 042667/2</a>

Hmmmm. Interesting. I will check it out.

SO you were in real estate. What did you o exactly buy shit houses for cheap and then fix them up or did you buy land heap and build houses? Whatever you did you must've been really good at it and I congratulate you on making all of that money.


Let's see:

41 year old NG user
Early 2000's user
Can use &quot;lol&quot; and good english in the same sentence
Anti Spammer
Seems to handle arguments well (Kwing's post)
Response to paradox9's question about a massive knife
Retired at/before 41.

This one's going down as an example of undiluted epic in a jar.

Cheers! Thanks for visiting my home page.

You are Australian.
You are South Australian.
You have a dog.
You love video games.
You have a sign up date of 37.
Gold Whistle.
High B/P points.
Do martial arts.


Well I would'nt go that far. I'm just your average everyday superhero.


Actually I would say God did'nt 'Damn' me at all, I think he blessed me. And the funny thing is I dont even believe in God.

Yeah, haha, thats an amazing motto!
Totaly agree and with Cali having these rumors of legalization
sneaking will become a thing of the past, hopefully..

Legalization, there's a word you just have to love.

Props dude. I agree.

Thanks, I think.

Guy, your comment on &quot;CREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEB&quot; profile was great...Good work and lets blam all those spamming idiots ;)

P.S: Wow, whistle status gold...I&acute;m just dreaming about this ;)

LOL, Thanks. Yeah I thought about it alot before I posted it. Hope it has some effect on the guy. "While balancing glasses of chocolate milk on your head", what a FUCKING classic.

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